What is the Soberg Principle?


The Soberg Principle, referred to by , emphasizes the benefits of ending cold exposure sessions with cold rather than warmth to spur the body into heating itself up naturally. This leads to increased metabolism and prolonged thermogenic effects after the cold exposure. This method is favored because it keeps brown fat and muscles active, enhancing thermogenesis, which is advantageous as it mimics continuous exercise by maintaining increased metabolism and neurotransmitter activity for hours post-exposure. This principle is based on the research of Susanna Søberg, focusing on how ending on cold can enhance metabolic processes and the efficiency of brown fat and muscle cells 1.

The Soberg Principle

Susanna explains the benefits of ending on cold during cold exposure, which forces the body to heat itself back up and increase metabolism. This collaboration between brown fat and muscles keeps thermogenesis up and increases neurotransmitters, making brown fat and muscle cells more efficient. The result is a more efficient heating and cooling system.

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Dr. Susanna Søberg: How to Use Cold & Heat Exposure to Improve Your Health | Huberman Lab Podcast