Web 2.1


Jim O'Shaughnessy discusses the evolution from Web 2.1 to Web 3 with Sahil Lavingia in an episode of the . They emphasize the importance of software in human evolution, likening it to the transition from oral traditions to writing. Software is seen as a crucial tool for future success, and the integration of technologies like Neuralink may further enhance communication and thought processes 1.

O'Shaughnessy also highlights how technological advancements, particularly in software, have reshaped human social evolution more significantly than biological evolution. Modern devices, like smartphones, are continuously rewiring our brains, which he views positively as part of humanity's adaptive capabilities 2.

Importance of Software

Sahil emphasizes the importance of software in the evolution of humanity, comparing it to the transition from oral tradition to writing. He believes that anyone who wants to succeed in the future needs to rely on software and use it to their advantage. Additionally, he speculates on the potential impact of neuralink technology on communication.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.87 — Sahil Lavingia — From Web 2.1 to Web 3