Revenue Streams


Jordan Harbinger discusses revenue streams in various contexts across different episodes. Below are some insights on revenue streams from his episodes:

  1. Social Media Revenue Streams:

    • Johann Hari explains how social media platforms generate revenue by maximizing user engagement through their algorithms. These platforms capitalize on the user's 'negativity bias' to keep them scrolling, effectively enhancing their revenue whenever the app is used 1.
  2. Illicit Revenue Streams in Conflict Zones:

    • In an episode with Caroline Rose, they discuss how the Syrian regime, amidst sanctions, seeks alternative revenue streams by coordinating with illicit networks globally. This coordination not only funds regime activities but also strengthens criminal networks, affecting global governance and rule of law 2.
  3. Revenue from Relationship Investment:

    • John Ruhlin highlights the importance of investing in relationships, citing the example of casinos that reinvest a significant portion of their revenue into maintaining high-value relationships to secure long-term profitability 3.

      Attention and Outrage

      Johann Hari discusses how social media algorithms are designed to keep users scrolling for as long as possible, and how the combination of negativity bias and these algorithms can lead to a society plugged into an anger machine. He also explores how these factors are harming both individual and collective attention.

      The Jordan Harbinger Show

      707: Johann Hari | Why You Can't Pay Attention—And What to Do About It

These examples reflect different methods and impacts of generating revenue, ranging from digital platforms to geopolitical strategies and business relationship management.