NFL Draft


Shane Parrish and his guest, Les Snead, the General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams, discuss various aspects of the NFL Draft on "The Knowledge Project". Here are some key insights and strategies shared about drafting in the NFL:

  1. Evaluating Players with Baggage: Snead explains that the Rams devote a lot of effort to researching players who might have had past issues. This includes psychological testing and gathering diverse opinions from those close to the player. Ultimately, the decision to draft such a player depends on their unique circumstances and potential for growth and rehabilitation 1.

  2. Importance of Intangibles: Snead emphasizes the significance of certain intangible qualities in players, such as the passion for football, quick processing of the game's dynamics, and a team-oriented mindset. According to him, these intangibles play a crucial role in a player's success in the NFL 2.

  3. Rams' Draft Strategy: Snead addresses some misconceptions about the Rams' approach to drafting, stating that they are very intentional about utilizing draft picks and making the most out of them through strategic decisions and trades. This demonstrates a calculated effort to balance future potential with current team needs 3.

    Drafting with Baggage

    Les Snead, General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams, discusses the process of evaluating players with off-field baggage. The team uses psychological testing and interviews with coaches and mentors to determine if a player is worth the risk. It's a case-by-case decision that balances talent and character.

    The Knowledge Project

    The Decisions That Made a Championship Team | Les Snead | Knowledge Project 145
  4. Draft Predictions and Mock Drafts: The Rams' analytics team uses mock drafts as tools to predict where players might be picked. Although not always accurate, these predictions help the team prepare and strategize for various draft scenarios 4.

  5. Impact of Draft Picks on Team Strategy: Snead narrates how draft choices are interwoven with the team's broader strategy, like managing the salary cap and maintaining a balance between experienced and younger players. This strategic aspect is crucial for maintaining competitiveness over time 3.

These insights emphasize a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to the draft, combining statistical analysis, psychological evaluation, and strategic foresight.