Here are two instances from "The Jordan Harbinger Show" where the term "Quip" appears, both relating to the brand and its dental hygiene products:

  1. In , Jordan Harbinger discusses Quip gum, emphasizing its role in oral health beyond just freshening breath. He explains how Quip reinvented the toothbrush and now offers gum that's beneficial for oral health, featuring a smart dispenser reminiscent of childhood candy dispensers. This gum segment is useful particularly for those wishing to combat bad breath, especially when prone to smelling one's breath more often, such as when wearing masks. It's also highlighted that Quip gum can directly contribute to cavity prevention when chewed after meals 1.

  2. Another mention of Quip occurs in , which also endorses Quip gum as part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. This gum is notable for being sugar-free, calorie-free, and contains xylitol, a tooth-friendly sweetener. It also has long-lasting mint flavor and a tri-layer design for a satisfying chew. Jordan notes the availability of a promotion offering a free dispenser with any refill plan from Quip, available via an online link 2.

Both episodes reinforce Quip's focus on contributing to dental health, with innovative products that integrate seamlessly into daily hygiene routines.

Email and Gum

Jordan Harbinger shares his personal experience with email overload and introduces Mailman HQ, a tool that allows users to control when they receive emails. The episode also features a sponsored segment on Quip gum, which promotes oral health and fresh breath.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

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