What is Suave's main purpose?


Suave functions primarily as a specialized platform for various applications that require privacy, decentralization, and credible computation. Its key purposes include:

  1. Platform for Privacy-Enabled Apps: Suave provides a set of tools and systems for building decentralized, privacy-enabled applications. This includes supporting distributed infrastructure and ensuring censorship-resistant computations 1.

  2. Encrypted Mempools: One of its main applications is creating privacy-preserving mempools that can manage miner extractable value (MEV) intelligently, enhancing the execution quality of transactions by leveraging user-controlled, encrypted information 2.

  3. Layer Two Blockchain: Suave operates as a layer two blockchain, running smart contracts within trusted hardware enclaves for credible computation and privacy 2.

  4. Decentralized Coordination: It serves as a platform to solve MEV problems, facilitating complex applications like decentralized block building by organizing bids and trades in a privacy-preserving manner 3 4.

    Building Privacy-Enabled Apps

    Phil explains how Suave is a platform for building privacy-enabled apps that are decentralized, distributed, and censorship-resistant. It focuses on solving MEV problems but can also be used for other decentralized coordination applications like ad auctions.


    198 - SUAVE Explained with Phil Daian & Andrew Miller
  5. Logical Centralization: Suave aims to unify the application development environment through logical centralization, thus providing a consistent centralized language and platform without the drawbacks of typical architectural centralization 5.

By addressing privacy and MEV issues, Suave aims to enhance decentralization and secure execution in blockchain environments, benefiting both individual users and larger chains like Ethereum 4.