Can food sensitivities be reversed?


Yes, food sensitivities can be reversed. The approach involves removing the reactive foods for a period before reintroducing them gradually to see if there's any reaction. This strategy allows the immune system to potentially reset and stop reacting to the food. For instance, if a food sensitivity is detected, Dr. Stephen Cabral recommends eliminating the food for six weeks, twelve weeks, or even six months depending on the severity of sensitivity, with the aim of desensitizing the immune response over several cycles 1.

Similarly, Sal Di Stefano suggests that after eliminating trigger foods for an adequate period and doing deeper levels of gut repair, reintroducing the foods slowly and observing for any reactions can help in managing or potentially reversing sensitivities. This method is accompanied by another lab test to confirm the reduction of sensitivities 2.

Food Sensitivities

Dr. Stephen Cabral discusses how to identify and address food sensitivities with clients. He explains the importance of bio individuality and how even healthy foods can cause issues for some people. By removing and reintroducing certain foods, clients can identify their sensitivities and make informed dietary choices.

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