Why is fiber underrated in health?


Fiber is considered underrated in health primarily because its potent benefits are often overlooked in favor of more immediately gratifying nutritional elements. Here are the key reasons discussed by experts on why fiber is especially valuable:

  1. Gut Microbiome Nourishment: Fiber acts as a crucial fuel source for our gut microbiome. When our diet lacks fiber, the beneficial bacteria that thrive on it weaken and can ultimately diminish. This has wide-reaching consequences on overall gut health and, consequently, on general well-being 1.

  2. Metabolic Health: A typical Western diet often lacks sufficient fiber, leading primarily to metabolic issues such as destabilized blood sugar levels. This absence can lead to more significant health problems such as hypertension and diabetes, as the balance of gut bacteria and the synthesis of important metabolic by-products like short-chain fatty acids are disrupted 2.

These points illustrate that fiber contributes not only to digestive health but also significantly impacts metabolic regulation and supports microbiome diversity, which is fundamental to overall health.

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