I struggle to get things done. How can i improve my day to day ?


Improving your day-to-day productivity can be approached through various strategies highlighted by experts on productivity:

  1. Avoid Perfectionism: Joey Doughty describes the impact of perfectionism on productivity, noting that an excessive focus on details or making things perfect can be time-consuming and ultimately counterproductive. Reducing perfectionism can help you focus on what truly matters and complete tasks more efficiently 1.

  2. Effective Systems Over Processes: Highly effective systems, rather than overly rigid or insufficient processes, can significantly boost productivity. The right balance helps maintain focus and efficiency without being bogged down by unnecessary complexities 1.

  3. Optimizing Productivity Functions: Cal Newport emphasizes improving the productivity function itself — maximizing output from the same amount of input — rather than simply increasing work hours. Focusing on how work is performed can reduce burnout and increase the quality and sustainability of your efforts 2.

  4. Focus on the Desired Outcomes: David Allen underlines the importance of clarity in what you aim to achieve. Understanding exactly what you want helps in defining more directed and productive actions towards those goals 3.

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In summary, focus on perfecting key tasks instead of everything, use well-thought-out systems, improve the way you work, and maintain clear goals to enhance your productivity. These strategies are grounded in exploiting existing resources more effectively and avoiding common productivity pitfalls.