how can i learn to run faster


To learn how to run faster, consider the following methods discussed by Rich Roll:

  1. Technique Focus: Concentrate on proper running technique to maintain form even when fatigued. This involves strengthening your core and back muscles. Also, engage in drills and functional body strength training to become more resilient and efficient under duress 1.

  2. Zone Two Training: Spend time training in Zone Two, which involves working your aerobic system. This system uses oxygen and fat for fuel, allowing for extended periods of exercise without exhaustion. This type of training helps in building a strong aerobic base, which is crucial for endurance and improved performance in long runs 1.

  3. Running Form Mastery: Practice running in place with your back close to a wall to avoid overstriding and develop appropriate muscle memory. This exercise helps in understanding how to efficiently interact with the ground as a runner. Additionally, incorporating music with a beat that matches the desired running cadence (around 180 beats per minute) can aid in maintaining proper rhythm 2.

  4. Consistency and Endurance Training: Regularly engage in consistent and persistent training. Build endurance by gradually increasing your running mileage, allowing your body to adapt to the increased stress. This approach helps in improving both physical and mental endurance, which is critical for faster running 3.

    Technique and Strength

    Rich and Adam discuss the importance of technique and functional body strength in improving athletic performance, emphasizing the role of core and back strength in maintaining form under duress. They also touch on the benefits of zone two training for building an efficient aerobic engine.

    Rich Roll

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These strategies combine physical training with technical proficiency and mental preparedness, which are essential for improving running speed.