Why is thinking big important?


Thinking big is crucial because it leads to the development of scalable habits and the pursuit of extraordinary results. , during his discussion with , equates thinking big to aiming high. He argues that when we aim high, we deliberately cultivate habits that support large-scale goals, distinguishing these from the average habits that form when goals are less ambitious. Keller describes small thinking as a limiting factor that often results in a mundane life devoid of growth and achievement 1.

Additionally, emphasizes the necessity of ambitious thinking for realizing significant achievements, especially given the limited time we have. He states that if intentions aren’t lofty from the beginning, the outcomes will never be truly remarkable 2.

Overall, thinking big motivates us to establish and maintain powerful habits, pushes us towards larger achievements, and influences the underlying motivational structures of our lives.

Think Big, Aim High

Gary Keller emphasizes the importance of thinking big and aiming high in order to develop scalable habits and achieve extraordinary results in life. He highlights how small thinking leads to average habits and the difficulty of breaking those habits later on. By choosing to think big, we can create a life that surpasses mediocrity and embraces greatness.

Tim Ferriss Show

Gary Keller — How to Focus on the One Important Thing | The Tim Ferriss Show