How to tell your boss you're moving?


When telling your boss that you're moving, it's important to approach the conversation with clarity and respect for the relationship you've built over the years. Here’s how Jim from the tackled a similar situation:

  1. Give Ample Notice: Jim shared his plans to move well in advance, allowing his boss to adjust to the news and plan accordingly 1.

  2. Open and Honest Communication: He had an honest conversation with his boss, emphasizing that the decision to move was well-thought-out and not a sudden decision 2.

  3. Loyalty and Respect: Jim expressed loyalty and respect towards his boss, which helped maintain a positive atmosphere even as he communicated his plans to leave 2.

These steps can guide you in having a constructive discussion with your boss about your move, ensuring that you part ways on good terms.

Moving and Job Offers

Jim shares how he informed his boss about his move to Arizona and how his boss presented him with a job offer. This chapter highlights the importance of giving ample notice to your employer and how being loyal can lead to unexpected opportunities.


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