My 8 year old is only interested in crafts and drawing. How do I get her to be interested in anything else?


Encouraging a child to diversify their interests, especially when they are deeply engaged in specific activities like crafts and drawing, requires a thoughtful approach that respects their current passions while gently introducing new ones. emphasizes that activities typically perceived as less productive, such as video games, can actually be educational and offer a way for children to relax and learn about culture. She suggests that children left to their own devices, without coercion, are likely to explore a variety of interests naturally 1.

You might consider integrating your child's love for crafts into other educational activities. For example:

  • Introduce educational video games that involve creativity and problem-solving.
  • Encourage activities that marry art with science, like building models or creating art projects that teach scientific concepts (like volcano models).
  • Include your child in real-life applications of art, like cooking or gardening, which involve both creativity and functional tasks.

Most importantly, the emphasis should be on providing a variety of uncoerced options that can capture your child's interest and expand their horizons in a natural and enjoyable way.

Unleashing Curiosity

Dwarkesh and Sarah discuss the misconception that children in their natural state are lazy and unmotivated, and explore the educational value of activities like playing video games and watching television. They argue that these activities can provide relaxation and insights into our culture, challenging traditional notions of productivity and engagement.

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Sarah Fitz-Claridge - Taking Children Seriously | The Lunar Society #15

List educational games that involve creativity and problem-solving


Here are some educational games that promote creativity and problem-solving:

  1. Khan Academy: Offers a variety of educational resources and games, focusing on subjects such as math, science, and computing. These activities encourage creative problem-solving and understanding of complex concepts 1.

  2. Provides interactive coding lessons and projects, particularly emphasizing student-driven, project-based learning. These activities help develop skills in problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration 2.

These resources combine educational content with engaging platforms, making learning both fun and intellectually stimulating for children.

Creative Problem Solving

Greg Lukianoff discusses the need for new approaches to problem-solving, highlighting the potential of technology and the work being done at Khan Academy. He also addresses the issue of class privilege in elite higher education institutions, recommending the book "Poison Ivy" by Evan Mandry. Lex Fridman emphasizes the importance of embracing one's uniqueness and thanks Greg for his important work in holding universities accountable.

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