What is Meta doing to prevent AI harm?


Meta, under Mark Zuckerberg's leadership, has been actively working to prevent potential harms from AI on their platforms. Here are some key measures they are taking:

  1. Focus on Known Harms: Meta is concentrating on amplifying the ability to prevent known harms, such as misinformation and coordinated inauthentic behavior. They aim to make it more difficult for bad actors to exploit their platforms by improving AI systems to identify and classify harmful content like terrorism promotion, child exploitation, and hate speech 1.

  2. Fine-Tuning AI Models: Meta is performing alignment training and fine-tuning of their AI models to ensure these models can recognize and prevent harmful behaviors. For example, they include specific training to prevent AI from being used to coordinate criminal activities or other harmful actions 2.

  3. Adversarial Approach: Meta has developed sophisticated AI systems, especially classical AI, to counter various adversarial behaviors. They continually evolve these systems to keep up with sophisticated actors, such as nation-states, that use bots and inauthentic accounts to spread harmful content. By making it economically inefficient for adversaries to use Meta's services, they aim to deter them 1 2.

These initiatives indicate Meta's proactive approach to minimizing AI-related harm and the ongoing effort to enhance their technological defenses against evolving threats.

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