Surveillance state


Dwarkesh Patel discussed the implications of a 24/7 surveillance state, particularly in the context of China, in an episode featuring Sarah C. M. Paine on the podcast "The Lunar Society". They talked about the extensive and detailed level of surveillance that could hypothetically be achieved in the US, referencing Chinese surveillance practices, including using facial recognition inaccurately and impacting individuals' social credit scores. The discussion highlighted the significant resource costs of such a system and the societal tension it could create through false positives and accusations of disloyalty. They elaborated on the combination of technological advancements and authoritarian practices leading to disappearing acts of dissenting individuals within the regime, thereby stressing the grave societal and ethical implications of a comprehensive surveillance state 1.

Surveillance State Concerns

Sarah raises concerns about the cost and implications of a 24/7 surveillance system in the United States, including the accuracy of facial recognition technology and the potential for false positives. She also discusses the National Disappearing Act in China and the disappearance of government officials.

The Lunar Society

Sarah C. M. Paine - How Xi & Putin Think: Maritime vs Continental Powers & The Wars of Asia