Interstellar life


In a discussion with British biochemist Nick Lane, Lex Fridman explored the notion of interstellar life as something potentially beyond our traditional understanding of biology. Lane described a life form akin to interstellar dust and discussed the challenges associated with information processing at such a scale due to the limit of the speed of light. He suggested that natural selection is the only known mechanism to generate substantial complexity, which would be difficult in sparse interstellar environments 1.

Moreover, Lane and Fridman commented on advanced concepts like cellular automata, highlighting that complex systems can emerge from simple rules, which might apply in understanding life on an interstellar scale, although the specifics are still not well understood 1.

Interstellar Life

Nick and Lex discuss the possibility of life on an interstellar scale and the limitations of information processing. They also explore the power of natural selection in generating complexity and the potential for other mechanisms such as cellular automata.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Nick Lane: Origin of Life, Evolution, Aliens, Biology, and Consciousness | Lex Fridman Podcast #318