What is the Vitruvian training device?


The Vitruvian is a magnetic drive training device praised for its versatility and convenience. It features a flat base, similar in size to a stepper, from which two nylon cables extend, allowing for various exercises such as belt squats and split squats using different attachments. This device is designed to automatically adjust resistance, increasing or decreasing the weight during exercises based on the user’s performance. It supports up to 440 pounds of weight and includes an innovative bench that can adjust between flat and incline positions. The Vitruvian is also space-efficient, fitting well in small apartments as it can easily be moved and stored away. Additionally, it integrates with an app, which offers individual workouts and full training programs tailored to the user's needs, enhancing the exercise experience 1.

Magnetic Drive Training

Chris discusses his experience with a magnetic drive training device called the vitruvian, highlighting its versatility and ability to provide eccentric-only training. He shares his favorite movements and the convenience of its compact size.

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