Movement Specialists


Here are some movement specialists featured on the Mind Pump Podcast:

  1. :

    • Title: Professional Athletic Performance Trainer
    • Expertise: Specializes in improving athlete performance with a focus on speed, power, and central nervous system training.
  2. :

    • Title: Athlete (Former professional CrossFit Games athlete)
    • Expertise: Known for his accomplishments in CrossFit, emphasizing fitness and performance training.
  3. :

    • Title: American Media Personality, Internist, Addiction Medicine Specialist
    • While not a traditional movement specialist, he has substantial insights into overall health and wellness, impacting physical movement.
  4. :

    • Title: Dutch Motivational Speaker, Extreme Athlete
    • Known as "The Iceman", he's recognized for extreme endurance and advocating for physical conditioning through exposure to cold.
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    • Title: Co-Founder of Mind Pump Media and Health Expert
    • Expertise: Focuses on delivering holistic fitness training and health information, with a notable background in physical training and movement sciences.

These professionals discuss topics ranging from performance enhancement, holistic health practices to endurance in extreme conditions.