What are the flaws in the legal system?


Jordan Harbinger, in discussions on The Jordan Harbinger Show, has highlighted several aspects of the legal system that could be viewed as flaws or areas of concern:

  1. Manipulation and Misinformation: There's concern about the legal framework in the media which allows for the dissemination of misinformation. Unlike Canada and the UK, the U.S. legal system does not have strict laws against media outlets knowingly lying, leading to a distorted public perception and a lack of trust in media 1.

  2. Challenges with Statutes of Limitations: The U.S. Constitution prohibits the enactment of ex post facto laws, which means laws that retroactively change the legal consequences of actions that were committed before the enactment of the law. This can sometimes hinder justice as perpetrators of crimes may not be prosecuted if the statute of limitation has expired. This aspect of the legal design protects individuals but can also be seen as a flaw if it prevents justice from being served 2.

  3. Systemic Corruption: It's noted that certain systems, if fundamentally flawed or corrupt, tend to attract individuals with similar characteristics. This discussion highlighted a study comparing students in India and Denmark, showing that dishonest individuals were more likely to pursue roles in corrupt systems. This implies that a flawed system perpetuates itself by attracting and rewarding the wrong kind of behaviors 3.

    Media and Democracy

    Jordan and Ray discuss the current state of media and its impact on democracy. They question the legality of knowingly lying for the media and suggest a self-regulatory organization to maintain the credibility of journalism. They also compare the legal systems of Canada and the UK to the United States.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    491: Ray Dalio | The Changing World Order

These highlights emphasize how different components of the legal system can contribute to systemic issues that affect its efficiency and fairness.