Audience Feedback


Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa emphasize the importance of community participation and feedback in the "ChooseFI" podcast. Here are some key points from various episodes:

  1. Community Feedback:

    • They encourage listeners to leave written reviews on iTunes. Once they hit a certain number of reviews, they'll enable a voicemail feature for direct feedback, adding more community interaction to the show 1.
  2. Community and Giveaways:

    • They have giveaways, such as books, to incentivize reviews and feedback. Listeners who leave reviews can enter drawings for these items, creating a "virtuous circle" where community engagement is rewarded 2.
  3. Crowdsource Content:

    • By crowd-sourcing questions and feedback, they create content that deeply resonates with listeners. For instance, listener suggestions led to a detailed discussion on scholarship strategies 3.

      Community Feedback

      Jonathan emphasizes the importance of community feedback and encourages listeners to leave written reviews on iTunes. He also teases the upcoming feature of leaving voicemail feedback, which will be played on the show. He emphasizes the value of listener input and how it adds to the content presented on the show.


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  4. Friday Feedback:

    • Regular episodes are dedicated to listener emails and feedback, which helps add depth and diverse perspectives to the financial discussions 4.
  5. Building FI Blocks:

    • They recognize the community's role in helping newcomers while also evolving and diving deeper into complex financial topics over time 5.
  6. Case Studies:

    • They offer to analyze listener-submitted financial situations in collaboration with experts, fostering a more engaging and practical learning experience 6.

Brad and his team create a vibrant, participatory environment which enriches the podcast's content and helps build a strong, supportive community.