Is it ever too early to start?


Brad Barrett emphasizes that it is indeed never too late to start anything, especially when it comes to your financial journey. He shares insights on how starting at any point can still yield significant benefits due to the power of compound interest, and that the key is to start as early as possible to maximize these benefits. Importantly, he advocates that even if you begin later in life, you can still make substantial progress by making smart financial decisions and taking advantage of your peak earning years to increase savings 1.

In terms of personal growth or starting new ventures, the advice remains consistent—it’s beneficial to start early, but it is never too late to begin. Actions taken at any stage can lead to substantial improvements in your life 2.

Starting Early, Investing, Financial Education

Brad and Navish discuss the importance of starting early when it comes to investing and the impact of compound interest. They also emphasize the need for financial education and the value it brings in making informed decisions. Navish shares his personal experience of investing late and the financial mistakes he made along the way.


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