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Episode #1343 of the Mind Pump Podcast, titled "Low Protein & Longevity, Benefit of Compound Lift Variations, How to Fix Anterior Tilt & More," is a wide-ranging discussion that covers several key topics:

  1. Fitness Q&A:

    • The hosts answer listener questions about fitness routines, dietary concerns such as high vs. low protein intake, business strategies for personal trainers during COVID, and biomechanical issues like anterior pelvic tilt. They also discuss their favorite healthy snacks and promote their muscle-building program, Maps Strong 1.
  2. Fatherhood and Personal Development:

    • Adam Schafer shares deep reflections on fatherhood, discussing the joy and significance of being present for his son's first steps and how he balances nurturing with fostering resilience 2.
  3. Educational Shifts During COVID-19:

    • There’s a focus on the implications of the pandemic on education, suggesting that teachers could pivot to online education or microschooling, recognizing it as a potential business opportunity as traditional educational methods evolve 3.

      Fitness Q&A

      Sal, Adam, and Justin answer listener questions about full body routines, high vs low protein diets, pivoting a fitness business during COVID, and fixing anterior pelvic tilt. They also recommend grass-fed meat sticks from Paleo Valley and promote their muscle building workout program, Maps Strong.

      Mind Pump Podcast

      #1343: Low Protein & Longevity, Benefit of Compound Lift Variations, How to Fix Anterior Tilt & More
  4. Discussion on Current Events:

    • The coin shortage during the pandemic is mentioned, discussing its possible implications for a shift towards a cashless society and touching on broader economic changes and conspiracy theories 4.
  5. Running and Athleticism:

    • The conversation shifts to maintaining athleticism and the psychological benefits of running, highlighting Sal and Adam’s personal commitments to staying active to handle physical challenges in everyday life 5.

Each of these topics is addressed in a casual, conversational style, blending personal anecdotes with professional advice.