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Here are some expert discussions from podcasts about skincare and beauty tips which might interest you:

  1. Doree Shafrir on the praised a TikToker, Sonia Valencia, who offers beauty and skincare advice for individuals over 40. She covered topics like undereye concealer application techniques specific for older adults who have more creasing under their eyes. She emphasized the need for older influencers in the beauty industry 1.

  2. In another episode of , Kate Spencer shared skin care tips including the proper application of eye cream and discussed the importance of hydration and proper sleep for reducing eye puffiness 2.

  3. Kate Spencer and Tia Williams discussed beneficial skincare products on the . They highlighted products like Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum and noted the advantages of cold water and caffeine-infused skincare products for a more energized look 3.

    Aging and Beauty

    Doree and Kate discuss the effects of aging and share their fascination with a TikToker named Sonia who offers valuable beauty advice for people over 40. They express their desire for more older women influencers to teach them the tricks of the trade.


    Ep 142: Civic Beauty with Vote! The Podcast
  4. The featured Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, who emphasized the crucial role of sun protection for maintaining healthy skin. She recommended using sunblock and hats to shield the skin from harmful UV rays 4.

  5. Another insight shared on discussed solutions for body acne, including using specific products like Differin gel and body scrubs for the chest and back, particularly during humid conditions which can worsen acne outbreaks 5.

These conversations provide a deep dive into practical skincare strategies and product recommendations from trusted experts.