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The episode "067 | Raptitude and Free to Pursue" from the delves into various topics related to personal development and financial independence. Here are some key points from the episode:

  1. Support Methods: Jonathan Mendosa outlines several ways to support the ChooseFI podcast, such as leaving reviews, signing up for travel credit cards through their site, and spreading the word about the podcast to potentially interested friends and family 1.

  2. Diamond Ring Debate: The episode engages in a critique of the societal pressure and commercialized necessity surrounding diamond rings, emphasizing how marketing has influenced our perceptions of essential status symbols 2.

  3. Convenience vs. Self-Control: The double-edged sword of convenience in modern life is discussed, highlighting how it can reduce self-control and increase a sense of entitlement. Strategies to intentionally incorporate inconvenience for appreciating simplicity are also touched upon 3.

    Support and Spread

    Jonathan shares four easy ways to support ChooseFI, including leaving an iTunes review, signing up for travel credit cards, setting up a Personal Capital account, and spreading the message to friends and family. He also recommends two starting episodes for new listeners.


    067 | Raptitude and Free to Pursue
  4. Superpower of Self-Control: Insightful conversations on self-control, hedonic adaptation, and pushing personal boundaries surface in the episode, elucidating how integrating these elements can contribute to personal and financial growth 4.

This episode offers multifaceted insights into living a financially independent lifestyle and the mental shifts required to pursue such paths.