How does jiu jitsu improve performance?


Jiu Jitsu improves performance by enhancing one's ability to relax and flow during physically demanding situations. According to , the sport requires not just strength but also a significant amount of relaxation and fluidity in movement. The calming effects from engaging in Jiu-Jitsu help athletes avoid "muscling through" maneuvers and instead focus on efficient technique and smooth transitions, making it more effective than many other sports in this regard 1.

Furthermore, notes that focusing on Jiu-Jitsu training specifically improves stamina applicable to the sport better than other forms of gym training. He warns against trying to mimic the sport's dynamics in general gym workouts, suggesting that such an approach often leads to ineffective training. Instead, Sal recommends more Jiu-Jitsu practice and supplementary strength and mobility work 2.

Cannabis and Performance

Adam and Sal discuss the impact of cannabis on workouts and sports like jiu jitsu. While cannabis can enhance enjoyment, it may also create a dependency for some individuals, affecting their relationship with exercise and performance.

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