Return to exercise after being sick


When returning to exercise after being sick, it's crucial to start slowly to avoid stress and potential injuries. Here are the main tips from :

  1. Start with less intensity: Reduce the number of sets initially and gradually increase them as you assess your body's response to the exercise 1.
  2. Assess how you feel: Listen to your body and adjust the intensity of your workouts based on your physical responses in the days following the exercise 1.
  3. Full range of motion: This approach helps activate muscle memory, allowing you to regain strength quicker without pushing too hard from the start 2.

In cases like recovery from COVID-19 and dealing with post-illness fatigue, it’s wise to incorporate light activities first, like easy cycling 3. Keep workouts light and focus primarily on full range of motion and less on intensity 2.

Returning to Training

Justin seeks advice on resuming workouts after illness. Sal and Adam recommend easing back in with fewer sets and focusing on sodium and protein intake. They emphasize gradual progression and proper nutrition for a successful return to training.

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For more general advice, when you're just beginning again, it may be beneficial to start with simpler exercises and gradually increase to more complex and heavy ones as your body readapts 4. Also, always make sure you hydrate and nourish your body adequately to support recovery 1.

These tips serve as a solid guideline to help safely transition back into regular exercise routines while minimizing risk and encouraging recovery.