Ruby programming language

Here are some podcasts related to programming and technology, where discussions about the Ruby programming language might be featured:

  1. Never Rewrite: Hosted by Jeffrey Sherman and Isaac Askew, this podcast could delve into topics about coding practices and languages, potentially including Ruby.

  2. This Week in Startups: This podcast, hosted by Jason Calacanis, often discusses technology and startups. They might feature episodes talking about web development and programming languages like Ruby.

  3. Signals and Threads: Hosted by Ron Minsky, this podcast deeply explores technology topics, likely including detailed discussions on programming languages.

  4. Beyond Coding Podcast: Hosted by Patrick Akil, this podcast could potentially explore various programming languages, including Ruby, especially in the context of software development.

These podcasts might occasionally cover topics relevant to the Ruby programming language, especially within the broader context of programming, technology, and development practices.