Urban policy


Here are some insights from trusted experts on various aspects of urban policy:

  1. Urban Housing Policy:

    • discusses the consequences of housing regulations in cities like San Francisco and New York. The clustering of industries has unexpectedly strengthened, contradicting predictions that people would disperse to more affordable areas. This has led to a significant impact on urban mobility and affordability 1.
  2. Urban Transportation:

    • , CEO of Amazon's Zoox, highlights the challenges of overhauling an entire city's transportation system due to entrenched infrastructure and economic factors. She discusses the inefficiency of current systems and the potential for improvement by deploying new technologies like Zoox for more efficient people movement 2.
  3. Urban Governance and Competition:

    • suggests that a lack of political competition has contributed to poor governance in some American cities. He argues that politicians facing competitive elections are more responsive and effective, which is often missing in cities governed by a single party for extended periods 3.

      Urban Housing Policy

      Explore the impact of urban housing policy on mobility within the country, as Tyler Cowen discusses the surprising strength of clustering in cities like San Francisco and New York. Gain insights into the consequences of building restrictions and the challenges faced by productive individuals seeking affordable housing in these cities.


      Tyler Cowen on Stubborn Attachments, Prosperity, and the Good Society
  4. Market Influence on Urban Planning:

    • Urban planner criticizes traditional urban planning approaches that ignore market dynamics, such as scarcity and individual preferences. He contends that urban planners often impose norms without considering economic realities, leading to inefficient and sometimes unaffordable housing solutions 4.
  5. The Future of Urban Policy:

    • Urbanist advocates for a speculative thinking approach to urban planning, drawing on narrative and systems thinking to address the interconnected challenges of urban environments. This methodology emphasizes flexibility and innovation in adapting to future needs 5.
  6. Impact of Urban Policy on Growth:

    • Economist argues that restrictive urban policies in America have stunted economic growth. In his analysis, he explores how these policies affect the functionality and development of cities 6.

These clips provide a range of perspectives on the challenges and strategies involved in urban policy, from housing and transportation to governance and growth.