Can CGMs change behavior?


Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) can indeed change behavior. According to , CGMs are highly effective because they provide real-time feedback on how various behaviors impact blood glucose levels. By visualizing these immediate changes, users can intuitively understand the effects of their diet, stress, sleep, and other factors on their glucose levels. This immediate feedback loop is particularly engaging for those who enjoy data-driven insights, leading to more informed and often healthier choices 1.

Additionally, emphasizes that the constant stream of data from CGMs helps enchant users with insights into their own biology, thus fostering behavioral change. This dynamic and personalized approach makes CGMs a significant tool for managing conditions such as prediabetes and potentially reducing the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s 1.

Enchanting Continuous Glucose Monitors

Sara and Andrew discuss the enchantment of learning about one's own chemistry and biology with the help of continuous glucose monitors. They explore the effectiveness of CGMs in changing behavior and how physicians can market them to their patients.

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