Government funding


In the "My First Million" podcast, Shaan Puri discussed his experience with a biotech startup that utilized unique technology involving microbes to decompose coal. This project, notably in Australia, was pioneered by a scientist in the United States who initially received $40 million in government funding for developing microbes to decompose ammunition. Realizing the similarities between ammunition and coal, the company speculated whether these microbes could also decompose coal. This venture was a startup funded in part by a significant government investment to address environmental issues stemming from military activities, illustrating an innovative approach to utilizing government funds for environmental and energy solutions 1.

Unconventional Energy Solutions

Shaan and Sam discuss Shaan's experience with a biotech startup that used microbes to decompose coal and produce natural gas, offering a unique solution to the energy industry. They delve into the challenges they faced and the innovative approach they took to find customers with stranded coal.

My First Million

How We Got Our First 100 Customers (No Bulls**t, Specific Details) (#534)