Why did John switch from psychology?


John switched from focusing on women's mental health to male psychology due to his growing interest and awareness of the specific issues that were affecting men and boys. He originally studied women's mental health, researching the psychological aspects of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome. However, over time, he noticed a significant gap in the discussion and attention given to male-related issues in both the field of psychology and in the media. This shift in focus was also influenced by his frustration with the lack of dialogue on topics such as male suicide, educational disparities, and other challenges that disproportionately affect men. This led him to delve deeper into male psychology, ultimately contributing significantly to the field 1.

Male Psychology Insights

John Barry shares his journey from studying women's mental health to focusing on male psychology, highlighting the lack of attention to men's issues in mainstream discussions. He sheds light on the overlooked challenges faced by men, such as educational disparities and the high rate of male suicides.

The Art of Manliness

What the World of Psychology Gets Wrong About Men