Have they ever talked about boring businesses? specially trash pick up?


Yes, the topic of "boring businesses," specifically those related to trash pickup, has been discussed on the "My First Million" podcast. They delve into various aspects including the fiscal potential, and personal stories of entrepreneurs in this field.

For example, they talked about an entrepreneur who used referral programs and social media to successfully launch a trash collection business. This entrepreneur calculated potential earnings and used creative marketing to gather initial customers, making the venture quite successful in a short period 1 2.

The hosts also discussed the broader potential of the trash collection industry, mentioning figures like Wayne Huizenga and Bradley Jacobs who turned their trash businesses into multimillion and even multibillion-dollar ventures 1.

These discussions also extend to the unexpected opportunities within seemingly mundane industries, highlighting that even "boring" businesses like trash collection can offer significant financial returns and interesting entrepreneurial challenges.

Trash Collection Potential

Shaan and Sam discuss the potential revenue of a trash collection business and brainstorm marketing tactics to help it grow. They also express their willingness to invest in the company and promote it on their podcast.

My First Million

Why This $4M SaaS Founder Started A Trash Collecting Side Hustle