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In of the , and cover several key topics:

  1. Economic Disaster: They discuss the pitfalls of the Silicon Valley ethos of "growth at any cost," highlighting the instability it can cause in businesses and personal finances. This approach has led to many companies and individuals facing economic disasters 1.

  2. Financial Literacy A to Z: They introduce a comprehensive resource, " A to Z," which compiles financial literacy content from their archives. This living document is designed to be a cornerstone for those seeking to improve their financial knowledge 2.

  3. Intentional Spending: Brad and Jonathan emphasize the importance of being intentional with spending habits. They highlight how careful meal planning and thoughtful car purchases can significantly impact long-term financial health 3.

    Economic Disaster

    Jonathan and Brad discuss the economic disaster that can result from the Silicon Valley ethos of growing as fast as possible at any cost, and the importance of financial literacy in avoiding such disasters. They highlight the dangers of companies running at no profit for years and the impact it can have on personal finances.


    373 | Natural Remedies, Startup Economics & Financial Literacy A to Z
  4. Insurance Optimization: The hosts explain the importance of optimizing insurance products to protect loved ones and ensuring a legacy binder is in place. They also stress not overpaying for insurance and using best practices to maximize value 4.

  5. Hiccup Cure: A unique natural remedy for hiccups involving a method to reset the diaphragm is shared, which the hosts claim has a high success rate 5.

Overall, the episode provides both practical financial advice and interesting life hacks.