Cultural shock in rural Egypt?


Jordan Harbinger and his guests have shared vivid accounts of experiences that highlight cultural shocks one might encounter in rural Egypt.

  1. Wearing Burkas and Swimming: In an episode with guest Drew Binsky, they discuss seeing women swimming in burkas in Egypt, which could be a significant cultural shock for visitors unaccustomed to these practices. The visual of women entering the ocean fully clothed is starkly different from typical swimsuit attire seen in many other parts of the world 1.

  2. Funeral Practices: In a different episode, Jordan describes waking up to intense mourning sounds from a funeral procession which can be quite an overwhelming experience for someone not familiar with local customs. The public display of grief was loud and expressive, a contrast to more restrained mourning practices in other cultures 2.

These examples illustrate how culturally distinctive practices in rural Egypt can be surprising to visitors, highlighting the importance of cultural sensitivity and awareness when traveling.

Burka Snorkeling

Drew and Jordan share their experiences of seeing women in burkas snorkeling in Egypt and Israel, respectively. They discuss the cultural differences and the challenges of wearing a burka while swimming.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

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