Can jealousy be a motivator?


Jealousy can indeed serve as a motivator in certain contexts. For instance, in a story shared by Bret Contreras, a friend asked him to accompany her to a wedding to make someone else jealous. This use of jealousy implicitly acknowledges its potential to motivate changes or actions in individuals. Although this is a more indirect and personal anecdote, it highlights how jealousy can drive people to take specific actions, even if it's just to attend an event or make an impression (1).

However, and from the also discuss the negative aspects of jealousy, especially in the context of social media and personal progress. They argue that while it's natural to admire others, comparing oneself to others can lead to feelings of inadequacy and a lack of gratitude for one's own achievements. This comparison, often fueled by jealousy, is considered a significant trap, particularly in the fitness space (2).

Pursuing Passion

Bret pursued his passion for exercise science after his professor encouraged him to do so. Despite being a math teacher, he was doing personal training on the side and reading about exercise science as a hobby. His professor's encouragement and a friend's motivation led him to pursue exercise science and leave teaching.

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