What is the story of ex revenge?


Sal Di Stefano shared a story about a unique form of "ex revenge" on the Mind Pump Podcast. In 2012, a man from Chicago purchased a car for $600, registered it in his ex-girlfriend's name, and then parked it at O'Hare Airport. This resulted in 678 parking tickets, accumulating fines that totaled $105,000. The hosts discussed the extensive bureaucratic nightmare this would create for the ex-girlfriend to resolve, highlighting it as a clever yet drastic measure to get back at someone 1 .

Ex Revenge

Sal shares a funny story about a man who bought a car for his ex-girlfriend and registered it in her name, then parked it at O'Hare Airport and racked up 678 parking tickets totaling $105,000. The hosts discuss the genius move and how it would be a massive headache for the ex-girlfriend to prove that he did it.

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