Charismatic Men


Here are some notable experts who have extensively discussed themes related to charismatic men:

    • Title: Leader of UNcivilized Men’s Movement
    • Known for his deep understanding of men's psychology and behavior, coaching men in the art of self-connection.
    • Appeared on: The Mark Groves Podcast
    • Title: Author, Founder of Order of Man
    • Focuses on strong, ambitious, self-sufficient men, drawn from his experience growing up without a father figure.
    • Appeared on: The Jordan Harbinger Show
    • Title: Founder of The Art of Manliness
    • Offers actionable advice on character, career, relationships, and fitness, promoting a balanced lifestyle for men.
    • Appeared on: The Jordan Harbinger Show
    • Title: Coach in Masculinity and Gender Norms
    • Works on themes like toxic masculinity, gender norms, vulnerability, and authenticity.
    • Appeared on: The Mark Groves Podcast, Aubrey Marcus Podcast
    • Title: Author on Masculinity Themes
    • Known for his books exploring the concept of male honor groups and masculinity, and for his discussions on male supremacy.
    • Appeared on: The Art of Manliness
    • Title: Author and Cultural Historian
    • Explores male friendships, the myth of the lone alpha male, and the complexity of forming bonds in adulthood.
    • Appeared on: The Art of Manliness
    • Title: Man Morning Group Member
    • Participates in discussions on health, business, family, and relationships as part of the Man Morning group.
    • Appeared on: Dhru Purohit Show
    • Title: Writer and Men's Retreat Facilitator
    • Shares insights on self-realization and the transformative power of love from his experiences at men's retreats.
    • Appeared on: The Danny Miranda Show

These individuals offer a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of masculinity, self-improvement, and leadership.