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The episode "119R | Position of Strength" from the includes a range of topics, primarily focusing on actionable financial strategies and reflections on the journey of the podcast itself. Here are the key points covered in the episode:

  • Negotiating Medical Bills: The hosts discuss the importance of negotiating medical bills, emphasizing that the initial bill is often not the final price and can often be negotiated down 1.
  • Starting a Podcast: Reflections on their podcast journey, where they discuss the natural evolution from their first episode and how the project has grown. They encourage newcomers not to wait for perfection before starting 2.
  • Book Giveaway: At the end of the episode, they promote a giveaway where listeners can win one of three impactful books by reviewing the podcast 3.

    Negotiating Medical Bills

    Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of negotiating medical bills and understanding the difference between the sticker price and the actual cost. They emphasize the need to know how the game works and the potential for serious savings if you take the time to negotiate.


    119R | Position of Strength
  • Next Level Financial Independence (FI): A listener shares how the podcast has helped elevate their FI journey, highlighting the effective and motivational advice provided by the hosts 4.
  • General Advice and Encouragements: The hosts urge listeners to take immediate action towards their goals and continuously learn and adapt in their FI journey 5.

This episode serves as both a reflective look at the growth and impact of the and a source of inspiration and practical advice for listeners actively pursuing financial independence.