What is internalized homophobia?


Internalized homophobia refers to the involuntary belief by LGBTQ+ individuals that the homophobic prejudices and stereotypes about them that are held by others are true. It often involves self-loathing, denial of one's sexual orientation, and discomfort with one's own LGBTQ+ identity. This can manifest in various ways, such as shame, fear of discovery, and minimizing one's LGBTQ+ identity.

Raphael Cano discusses having experienced internalized homophobia himself. He describes it as a form of self-repression and shame about one's true sexual orientation, driven by societal norms and lack of normalization of diverse sexual identities. He mentions that it often leads to using defense mechanisms such as denial or expressing negativity towards one's own community 1 2 3 4.

Navigating Internalized Homophobia

Raphael and Mark discuss the impact of internalized homophobia on individuals and society, emphasizing the importance of normalization and the role of defense mechanisms in suppressing one's true sexuality. They explore how fear and insecurity can drive individuals to cling tightly to their beliefs, even when those beliefs are harmful or discriminatory.

The Mark Groves Podcast

#026: Coming Out as Your Highest Self with Raphael Cano