Learning Excel


Brad Barrett discussed the value of learning and using Excel through a story about a young girl named Anna who used Excel to analyze swim team data. Anna's proficiency with Excel allowed her to create a comprehensive report for the swim team, which led to her recognition as a "Data Analyst" at a board meeting. This experience even helped her in getting involved with swim meet preparations, highlighting how Excel skills can be applied in practical and rewarding contexts 1.

For more general advice, Brad also reflected on the broad value of becoming proficient in Excel, mentioning that it can significantly enhance job qualifications and productivity. He noted instances from his professional experience where Excel skills were highly valued and even paid well, illustrating the practical benefits of mastering Excel for workplace efficiency 2.

Anna's Data Analysis

Brad shares how Anna's love for swimming and numbers led her to learn data analysis, which resulted in her creating a report for the swim team. Her eyes lit up when she saw her work presented as "Data Analyst Anna Barrett" and her swim coach even offered her a role in helping with meat preparation using her data skills.


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