Is personal gain a temptation?


Personal gain indeed can be a temptation, as discussed by on the . She illustrates this through her concept of "temptation bundling," which she initially explored to address her own desires and behaviors. This method involves linking an indulgent activity, which serves as a temptation, with a beneficial but less appealing task, thereby enhancing motivation to accomplish the latter. This approach not only helped her personally but also sparked broader research into behavior change and its potential to significantly affect various aspects of life 1.

Personal Curiosity, Behavior Change

Katy shares how her personal curiosity and desire to solve her own problems led her to study behavior change. She discusses her initial research on temptation bundling and how it motivated her to further explore the impact of behavior change. Katy's interest expanded when she discovered the significant impact behavior change could have on premature deaths and other areas of life, leading to a more altruistic motivation.

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