What was Kate's publishing journey?


Kate Fagan's publishing journey started with a transition from a career as a professional basketball player to becoming a journalist and eventually a bestselling author. While excelling in sports during her early life and college years, her passion for writing was growing in the background. After retiring from professional basketball, she began her writing career at a local newspaper, moving on to the Philadelphia Enquirer to cover the Sixers, and then to ESPN where she worked as a columnist, features writer, and on-air personality for about seven years. This period also included confronting personal challenges such as grappling with her sexual identity, which she feared might impact her professional opportunities.

Her literary journey led to the publication of her first book, "The Reappearing Act," a coming-out story, and later a major success with her book, "What Made Maddy Run," a New York Times bestseller that explores the pressures faced by a young college athlete that led to tragic outcomes. This book is described as a powerful and important examination of young athletes' lives, urging more awareness and open dialogues that might help those in distress 1.

Kate Fagan's Journey

Kate Fagan shares her transition from a basketball player to a journalist, her struggles with sexual identity, and the impactful stories she tells through her writing, including insights on women's professional sports and personal challenges.

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