Universal truth


Dr. Gad Saad discusses the concept of universal truths in a few perspectives:

  1. Paradoxical Assertion: He humorously asserts that a "universal truth" is that there are no universal truths, highlighting the debate surrounding the notion of objective truths [1 ].

  2. Empirical Example: Using examples from real life and mathematics, he debates the existence of invariable truths, such as the axiomatic transitivity in preferences (if you prefer A over B and B over C, you should prefer A over C) and empirical truths like gravity's predictable effects [2 ].

These insights suggest that while some debate the existence or nature of universal truths, others argue for their presence through logical and empirical evidence, affirming that certain facts and principles can indeed be universal.

Universal Truths

Dr. Gad Saad discusses the allure of postmodernism and how it denies the existence of universal truths. He gives examples of how this mindset affects discussions on gender and reality, including a conversation with a graduate student who denies that only women can bear children and questions the existence of east and west.

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