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The episode "132: Andy Molinsky | How to Extend the Reach of Rapport Across Cultures" from The Jordan Harbinger Show centers on effectively managing cross-cultural interactions. Guest Andy Molinsky provides insights into adapting behaviors and establishing rapport in different cultural settings. The discussion covers critical aspects like communication styles, emotional expressions, and workplace norms across cultures. Key examples include differences in expressing enthusiasm between cultures like the US and UK, and communication styles in workplace scenarios between Americans and Germans. Molinsky emphasizes the importance of cultural dexterity, and the episode includes resources like a cheat sheet for understanding cultural codes worldwide. The knowledge shared is aimed at helping listeners navigate the complexities of global interactions both personally and professionally. Additionally, Molinsky discusses his book "Global Dexterity," detailing how to maintain authenticity while adapting behavior cross-culturally. The episode also highlights sponsorships from companies like Sport Clips and, which underpin the show's content 1 2 3 4 5 6.

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132: Andy Molinsky | How to Extend the Reach of Rapport Across Cultures