Event Platforms

Here are some podcasts that may discuss event platforms and relevant topics:

    • Hosts: Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway
    • Focuses on technology and business trends, frequently discussing platforms and events in the tech industry.
    • Host: Demetrios Brinkmann
    • Concentrates on machine learning operations, language models, and AI platforms. Likely to address event platforms within the ML and data science ecosystem.
    • Host: Andrew Greenstein
    • Although the specific focus isn't clear, it might cover advancements and platforms in various industries.
    • Host: Lukas Biewald
    • Discusses machine learning topics, including platforms and tools that could be used in event management and data analysis contexts.
    • Host: Alex Volkov
    • Covers AI and technological developments, possibly touching upon event-related technologies and platforms.
    • Hosts: Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook
    • Focuses on historical events and their modern relevance; not directly related to event platforms but may provide contextual insights.

These podcasts offer a range of perspectives, from business and tech trends to specific focuses on machine learning and AI, potentially including discussions on event platforms.