How has Keaton Mitchell performed?


Keaton Mitchell, a rookie running back for the Ravens, has made a significant impression with his speed and agility. In one of his notable performances, he successfully completed nine carries for 138 yards, showcasing his ability to accelerate dramatically when given an open lane, which earned him recognition from commentators for his explosive plays 1. Despite his limited size at five foot eight and 190 pounds, his agility and speed have been clear assets 1.

Mitchell's usage, however, has been a point of discussion. It has been noted that he is highly dependent on big plays due to his part-time role in the games, which does not guarantee consistent touches 2. His performance against the Cleveland Browns was strong, but starting him in fantasy football the following week might have presented a risk given his inconsistent game-time exposure 1.

Throughout the season, there has been ongoing debate and concern about increasing his workload. Despite the potential hesitance to give him extended playtime, likely due to his size, his performances have led to calls for more opportunities to utilize his exceptional speed 3.

Explosive Rookie Running Back

Keaton Mitchell, a rookie running back for the Ravens, showcased his explosive speed and agility with four carries for at least eight yards each. Despite a long touchdown run, Mitchell's performance may make it difficult to start him next week against Cleveland.

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Overall, while Mitchell has shown flashes of brilliance and extraordinary speed, his role in the team and consistent touch count remain controlled, limiting his potential impact in some games 2 3.