Is it worth owning multiple homes?


Owning multiple homes can be worth it depending on your personal situation and goals. Here are some insights from Brad Barrett:

  1. Financial Benefits: Investing in properties can provide substantial financial benefits. For instance, buying a multiplex and living in one unit while renting out others can help you save significantly. This approach can accumulate savings and investments over time, contributing greatly to financial independence 1.

  2. Diverse Investments: Real estate can be an essential part of a diversified investment portfolio. While investing primarily in mutual funds and ETFs is common, having real estate investments, even as a smaller portion (e.g., 10% of your portfolio), can enhance financial strategy. Brad Barrett and guests often discuss the balance of real estate with other investments for a robust portfolio 2.

  3. Personal Satisfaction: Owning multiple homes is not just about financial gain but also about personal satisfaction. Choosing a home that brings happiness and peace is equally important, even if it entails managing multiple mortgages temporarily. This personal satisfaction can outweigh purely financial considerations 3.

    Investing for Financial Independence

    Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of investing for financial independence and share a hypothetical scenario of a couple who invest in a multiplex to save money and achieve their goal of having the wife stay at home. They emphasize the value of finding and sharing different strategies for achieving financial independence.


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  4. Practical Considerations: Transitioning between homes and renting out properties strategically can generate passive income, covering expenses and potentially profiting after selling or continuing to rent. This flexibility can be leveraged to support long-term financial goals and lifestyle preferences 4 2.

Thus, while owning multiple homes can be financially beneficial, it's essential to weigh the personal and emotional aspects too. The decision should align with your overall financial strategy and personal happiness.