In discussing monkeypox, from the Mind Pump Podcast pointed out that it wasn't considered a widespread issue, with only about 118 cases reported globally at the time of discussion. He mentioned that the virus appeared to spread through close contact and mentioned an instance where it might have spread through raves in Europe. The physical symptoms of monkeypox were described as severe, including rashes and large pox, but the disease itself was not considered highly deadly. The discussion also touched on the panic and conspiracy theories that emerge around such viral outbreaks, highlighting how societal fears can be amplified despite the relatively small number of cases1.

Monkeypox and Conspiracy Theories

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the recent outbreak of monkeypox and the conspiracy theories surrounding it, including the World Health Organization's potential dry run. They also touch on the current state of COVID-19 and its endemic nature.

Mind Pump Podcast

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