Benefits of spending time with young people


Spending time with young people brings numerous benefits. Here are some key insights shared by experts on this topic:

  1. Staying Relevant: George Raveling, a former basketball coach, emphasizes the importance of hanging out with younger people to stay connected with future trends and technologies. He finds it stimulating and educational, as young people often focus on future possibilities, which helps him stay relevant and forward-thinking 1.

  2. Mentorship Dynamics: Mentoring young people creates a reciprocal learning environment. Michael Meade explains that while older mentors provide guidance, young people often offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, proving that learning from each other can be a dynamic and enriching experience 2.

  3. Positive Energy and Creativity: Jessica Morey, who works closely with teenagers, appreciates their high energy, creativity, and ability to quickly return to their best selves in the right environment. This youthful vigor and openness can be invigorating and inspiring to adults 3.

    Staying Relevant

    George Raveling shares his approach to staying relevant in today's society, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with younger people who inspire and teach. He discusses the need to constantly seek knowledge and adapt to the changing times, using technology as a tool for self-education.

    Rich Roll

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  4. Maintaining a Positive Outlook: Interacting with young people can help adults maintain a positive outlook on life. Dr. Catherine Sanderson mentions that having a positive attitude towards aging, influenced by engaging interactions with younger generations, can lead to a more active and fulfilling life 4.

By embracing the creativity, energy, and forward-thinking mindset of younger generations, adults can stay relevant, foster reciprocal mentorship relationships, and maintain a positive and active lifestyle.