Muscle care


Muscle care is a critical component of overall health, especially as we age. Here are some expert insights on muscle care:

  1. Adequate Protein and Exercise: emphasizes the need for a plant-rich diet and adequate protein for muscle building, which is crucial as muscle serves as the 'currency of aging'. Resistance training, such as using bands, body weights, or weights, is particularly important for older adults to counteract muscle loss 1.

  2. Preventing Sarcopenia: discusses the importance of addressing sarcopenia, a condition characterized by significant loss of muscle mass and strength. She notes the necessity of higher protein intake as one ages due to decreased efficiency in protein synthesis. Engaging in resistance activities and ensuring adequate protein are vital for preventing sarcopenia and maintaining muscle function 2.

  3. Muscle Health for Metabolic and Cognitive Functions: highlights that maintaining healthy skeletal muscle is essential for preventing metabolic dysfunctions and age-related diseases like Alzheimer's, which she refers to as "type three diabetes of the brain." Regular physical activity, including simple bodyweight exercises like squats and push-ups, is fundamental to preserving muscle health and overall metabolic wellbeing 3.

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